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What I’ve Been Up To…

I am so proud to be involved with a brand like Tribe Alive.

Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging!
I need your help though.... in order to keep giving work to these amazing women, will you join the fashion for good movement and purchase with a purpose?
It would mean so much to be able to keep ordering more pieces and continue to provide meaningful employment for these beautiful souls!

You can check out my collection at

You can get yours here

Ethical fashion has never been more on trend!!!

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Spring is Here!

Images of Michelle by Ivy and Stone Photography

It’s spring people! And nothing screams spring quite like this digital bomber jacket by Kingdom and State! It is a perfect combination of soft and edgy. I love the floral print with the faux leather details. It's a must-have piece for spring without a doubt! Dress it up or down, but I chose to keep it casual.

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Michelle Money For Tribe Alive – Strength Stack

Michelle's Strength Stack

Launches Today!

Michelle Money on the Zone march madness michelle money strength stack bracelet


Designed by Michelle Money and produced by artisan's in Honduras, the Strength Stack symbolizes that fashion can serve as a powerful platform.


michelle money gold cuff bracelet

Gold Cuff

Lovely Laura Cuff

Laura is my best friend. She is strong. She is compassionate. She is feminine and she is brave. She’s my soul sister and there is no doubt that we were meant to find one another. She is my biggest fan, my constant support and the facilitator of my favorite laugh! Her beauty runs deep. Her character is pure. She embodies class and composure with that perfect mix of spice and attitude! She is everything a best friend should be and more. She is my person. My soul mate. And happens to make a killer wine spritzer!


michelle money dainty blue quartz bracelet

Dainty Blue Quartz

The Margie

My mother is unlike most mothers. She is the example of what all mothers should aspire to. She is magnificent beyond description. She is faithful without question. She is the most genuine and kind human I know. She will fill you up with love and compassion in a matter of seconds. Her pure nature is a phenomenon. One that will be studied for centuries to come. She is more than a mother, she is the physical form of pure, true love. And she is MY mother.


michelle money white and gold sea bead bracelet

White and Gold Sea Bead

The Lisa

This is a woman who will never know the depth of love I have for her. I only pray I get the opportunity to see her again so I can look her in her eyes and thank her for the role she played in my life. Until that day, if ever, I will continue to honor her and thank her from the most delicate place in my heart. She earned the role she has and she didn’t even need to.
It was part of her to begin with.


michelle money braided chain bracelet

Braided Chain

The Bold Brielle

Brielle is my pride and joy. My daughter and my only child. She is everything that is right in the world. She is the perfect combination of soft and strong. Her heart is everything I wish my heart was made of. Her confidence is unapologetic. She is my truth. My purpose. My drive. She is the motivation behind everything I do in life. She is destined to rule the world. Yet without question, she will make you laugh along the way. Meanwhile, I will watch and revel in her delight as she does it all while never forgetting to make time for chocolate.

You can get Michelle Money's Strength Stack at

Images of Michelle by Ivy and Stone Photography

Kingdom & State

michelle money kingdom & state swimsuit

Photography by: Emmy Lowe

Sharing some swimsuit love

I wore one of Kingdom & State's newest styles, the Racer Tankini-Stripe, during my latest photo shoot. I love it!! Thought you guys would too!
Get yours here!

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